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Frequently asked questions

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General issues

  • Whether activity of the Cryptengram LLC company is legal?
    • The Cryptengram LLC company received the goverment registration of the USA, but at the same time has the right to perform investing and trading operations worldwide, providing reports on the activity according to precepts of law of jurisdiction of the USA.

      In more detail you can learn about documents and registration data of our company in the “About Us”, “Guarantees” and “Contacts” sections.

  • How does happen the process of a profit forming of for the company and investors?
    • The stated profitability on each of investment offers from our company forms and becomes guaranteed available to our investors as result of the actual programmes of automated cryptocurrency trading in implementation in trading process of the investors money. The profit got thus is risk-free. At the same time, the company provides guarantees on profitability on any of investment plans, providing to each investor profit under any circumstances. In more detail you can study our investment sentences in the “Investments” section.

  • How is it safe to use the company website?
    • The website of the company is equipped with all necessary means, doing its use absolutely safe both in terms of safety of transmitted data, and in terms of counteraction to malicious applications including a phishing and also from the point of view of carried out financial actions by investors when using the account. Besides, work of the website of the company is implemented with use of the most modern and powerful servers which do not allow to influence to DDoS-attacks on steady work of the website in real time.


  • May I create several accounts in a system?
    • If you create more than one account in our system, then all your accounts will be frozen. Access to such accounts will be suspended, and funds which can be on these accounts will be returned minus the got profit. Thus, creation of multiaccounts on the website of our company is forbidden.

  • How is safe providing personal data at registration on the company website?
    • We guarantee confidentiality of any, provided by you, information. Including personal data, payment data, name, E-mail and any other personal information. Any infos provided by the investor will be stored by the system of the website of the company in the conditions of full confidentiality and nondisclosure to the third parties except the cases provided by the international legislation and the corresponding precepts of law of the legislation of the USA.

  • How is it safe and secure to invest in your business?
    • Investing in our company is guaranteed safely. You can always be sure that your money will work steadily and bring you profit. In the “Guarantees” and “Deposit insurance” sections you can find out more about our guarantees concerning investment safety in our company.

Investment technology

  • What payment systems does the company work with?
    • To date, the company invites its investors to invest using the following electronic payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, Ripple.

      We also work directly with banks: you can invest in Cryptengram LLC by direct bank payment.

      For banks in the USA and Canada, we accept payment at our details at Chime Financial Inc (USA). For banks of the European Union, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries included in the SWIFT system of international bank payments, we accept payment at our British office details - at Wirex Limited (UK).

      In addition, in the near future the investing process will also be supported by Visa and Master Card.

  • How long does it take for the money earned to get on my wallet after the payment request is created?
    • After you create a payment request, the money will be transferred to your wallet no later than 24 hours.

      To transfer to your bank account - the minimum withdrawal amount is $ 500. For the most comfortable investments, you can always change the withdrawal method to any convenient payment system.

Financial operations

Personal account

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