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Risk-free of an investment process
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Every investor who prefers to get passive income online always faces several problems, the solution of which is not the subject of his competence.

In particular, after analyzing the investment proposals market, the investor concludes that it is impossible to solve the problem of protecting investment money unilaterally.

And this is explained by the fact that many companies performing investment actions on global exchanges cannot guarantee the investments safety. This is a common practice and the emergence of an online company at the investment market, which can give the investor more than just the risks of losing money, is a big and positive event.

At performing actions aimed at protecting the investment process, these actions should be carried out both by the investor and by the company performing financial management of the investment funds raised.

What can an investor do? He is able to minimize the risks of losing investment funds by performing a thorough analysis and choosing the company with which he intends to perform the investment process. These are the only actions available to the investor. And we strongly recommend that you always use them.

But, as the practice of financial management and analysis of high-risk financial transactions shows, these actions may not be sufficient. Because many companies deliberately try to downplay risks or veil them with inadequate financial statistics.

Therefore, at choosing an investment counterparty, the moment of bilateral interaction is so important, when not only the investor tries to analyze the investment situation, but also the company for its part makes all reasonable efforts to make the investment process reliable, safe and risk-free for both the company and the investor.

To do this, the company must take care not only about the technologies of the modern investment process, but also do more for investors than provide a perfectly well-tuned investment machine.

We mean insurance of investment money.

There is never much security, especially when it comes to financial security.

Cryptengram LLC has done everything possible to ensure that cooperation with us is as risk-free as possible. But even in the very unlikely event of a negative outcome of the deal, any investment risks will be covered by the insurance payments that are guaranteed by one of the world’s largest insurance operators, Prudential Financial INC.

The solid insurance fund of 175,000,000 USD allows the company to create large investment pools, without putting at risk investment money that in essential degree improves both investment process, and investment climate in the company in general.

Insurance contract

Affordable solutions of business security

1. Basic concepts

This Contract of voluntary complex insurance of monetary investment funds and responsibility (further – the Contract) is signed according to rules of international treaties, resolutions of the international organizations, political agreements of the Helsinki Final Act, documents of the Vienna and Copenhagen OSCE meetings and complies with the norms and rules of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights The 1966 International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political x Rights of 1966, the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of 1950 and also Rules of voluntary responsibility to the third parties and Rules of voluntary insurance at approach of effects of force majeure (further together and everyone – Rules).

Subject of the contract are the property interests of the investor which do not contradict the international legislation and the legislation of the USA and are related with:

  • adding by the investor in the form of investment funds of the amounts of money stipulated in this Contract;
  • compensation of the aforesaid money in the volumes and terms stipulated in this Contract in case of approach of cases according to which the aforesaid compensation comes;
  • responsibility which arises directly after signing of the Contract.

At insurance of investmentfunds according to this Contract cases of loss of all or a part of investment funds as a result are recognized as insurance risks:

Termination of operating of the investment program;

Termination of operating of the investment program owing to the developed economic circumstances which make impossible continuation of investment process;

The terminations of activity of the company for economic reasons;

Impossibility to use the website of the company directly owing to its forced elimination from the Internet for the reasons out of influence of the company.

2. Duties

At a loss occurrence according to this Contract which under the terms of this Contract can be qualified as an insured event, the investor is obliged:

To notify immediately the company by mailing and throughout two working days after approach of an event which can be qualified as an insured event, to provide the companies the texted notice of this event.

Provide the company all necessary information about the account of the investor;

Under no circumstances not to make pledges to the third parties about settlement with the company of similar events which could happen to the third parties.

The investor is obliged to notify the company on other insurance agreements which he signed with other investment companies;

During validity to withdraw the profit added in the form of percentages;

To immediately notify the company on impossibility of withdrawal of funds or the admission of withdrawal of funds over an admissible limit with the indication of the reason;

Meet all conditions of this Contract and the company’s Terms of services.

The company is obliged to acquaint the investor with all conditions for receiving an insurance by him and also with Terms of services;

In case of a loss occurrence to take all necessary measures for performing the necessary qualification actions for providing, in case of positive qualification of an event, timely payment of insurance compensation;

At a loss occurrence to perform payment of insurance compensation to the investor as it should be and in time, provided by this Contract;

Keep in secret all provided data about the investor;

Make other actions provided by this Contract, the International legislation and the legislation of the USA.

The company has the right if necessary to check in all lawful ways the identity of the investor including using databases of the appropriate supervisory authorities;

Demand from the investor of execution of obligations under this Contract, including obligations which are assigned to the investor, but are not executed by it in full within and according to this Contract;

Refuse payment of insurance compensation according to conditions of this Contract;

Do expertize of the documents provided by the investor in case of such need;

Check information provided by the investor in the ways and by methods which the company will select on her owm, but, anyway, - by the lawful ways and methods;

Stop operation of the given Contract according to conditions of this Contract;

Not disclose the reason of a loss occurrence;

Keep a trade secret.

3. Contract validity

In making investment insurance funds for the specified investment plan, this Contract shall enter into force on the date specified in the Contract, but not earlier than the relevant confirmation of entry into force of this Contract was sent to the investor and shall be valid until the end of the term of validity of the investment created by the investor using the specified investment offer in the Application to this Contract;

In case of non-receipt of the insurance payment (investment) in full and within the terms specified in the Application to this Contract, the Contract shall terminate from 00-00 hours following the date specified as the deadline for payment of this particular insurance payment.

The Contract shall terminate in case of:

Termination of the term of the Contract;

Fulfillment by the company of its obligations under this Contract to the investor in full;

Not payment by the investor of investments within the time limits specified by this Contract;

Adoption of a court decision declaring this Contract invalid;

In other cases covered by U.S. law.

This Contract cannot be terminated ahead of schedule.

4. Source of financing of insurance liabilities

This Contract and its obligations are fully secured by Prudential Financial INC.

The guaranteed cover amount of insurance obligations of the company to investors is 175,000,000 USD.

5. Other Terms and Conditions

Both the company and the investor are liable under U.S. and International Law for failure to perform or failure to perform any other obligations under this Contract;

Disputes that may arise between the company and investor shall be settled by negotiation with mandatory observance of the pre-trial settlement procedure;

All calculations and payments are made in USD currency.

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