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The Company Representative status is an important indicator of how seriously an investor intends to build his or her career at Cryptengram LLC. Because the Representative status of the company is not only privileges, but also a great responsibility, because not everyone is able to adequately represent the interests of the company, maintaining a high image and level of services.

Each investor who has received the Representative status of the Company is given privileges to open a representative office of Cryptengram LLC in his country, create a set of services for partners and form his own partner structure both online and offline.

In addition, each investor who has received the Representative status of the Company receives free legal advice, an extended package of advertising materials, as well as other assistance at creating a representative office.

The Representative, in addition to privileges, receives certain duties.

In particular, he is obliged to equip of the representative office in accordance with corporate requirements.

In addition, he should assist and help not only the referrals of his structure, but also investors who live in the country where the representative office is located.

Expanded career opportunities and complete freedom to build new partnerships.

Important components of the company’s doctrine in the development of the partner program and the rewarding of investors.

Active deposit

It is possible to obtain the Representative status only if the applicant has his own investment in the company. Thus, even by investing a minimum nominal amount of money in the company, the investor receives extended career opportunities. It should also be noted that it is most promising to obtain Representative status together with career status, which makes career development as effective as possible.

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If the investor believes that he is ready to obtain the Representative status of the company. And also ready to perform all functions assigned to the Representative, then he should text us an application for the Representative status, having previously made sure that there is an own active investment.

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To get the status

Once the core requirements investment system of the partner career have been met for each investor wishing to become a Representative of the company, the investor must wait for the approval of its request.

The expectation of encouragement is due to the fact that the data must be verified on the basis of objective information and equity principles strictly observed by Cryptengram LLC. After approval, the investor will be assigned the Representative status of the company automatically and the current status of the investor can be checked on the company’s website.

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